DateMe - Crypto Dating Platform

Much Anticipated ICO in online dating space just went live few days ago  back and as early bird promotion you can get free 500 DMX tokens simply by creating an account.

This project is called DateMe. Each token Is worth 0.005 cents to start and it's a low market cap project with 18 million hardcap... So multipliers will be easy. If the token makes 10x in value that's easy 25 dollar and if it makes 100x then it's easy 250 dollar for creating a free account.

Of course, in crypto there's no guarantees. But as it happened with Bitcoin, this can a winner since this project has a real purpose. Beside, it's based on a popular niche with a massive audience.

Online Dating

Dating is niche that is very profitable. That's why a lot of marketers and business people are into it... because it makes them money. So, they're merging crypto and online dating to create this crypto dating plaform.

DateMe in particular aims to solve those problems presented in traditional dating apps, offering a better service since it embraces blockchain technology.

They're growing at a great speed. Over 50K memebers (still counting) are now part of this project. It approximately 1k members per day is registered.

And you can be part of it and also get rewarded with 500 Free tokens for simply creating a free account which are credited to your online wallet instantly. Also, you can get 500 more tokens for every person you refer.

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